progression grid

Progression Grid

'Progression Grid' Allyce Wood
'Progression Grid' Allyce Wood

Progression Grid, latex paint and sealant on dibond panels, 4' x 8' each

Progression Grid is a graphic mural intended to explore the elements of change brought by development and the passing of time. In a reference to the city that surrounds it, abstracted images culminate to describe elements of expansion, inclusion, and evolution as brought by both cultural and natural efforts.


The three panels act as a triptych, and can be read sequentially from either direction or as a complete single image. Each panel is broken up into a grid of cells; each is painted with symbols and patterns that reference the new language of modern symbols (arrows, stone, leaves, architecture, folded fabric, etc.) Abstracted patterns describe the flow of time and the archaeological settling of material.


The piece was on view throughout Sound Transit's Light Rail Station construction period 2015 - 2018 on Brooklyn Ave NE and 43rd street in the University District of Seattle, USA.