Drop Shadow Drape
digitally dye-printed muslin, metal hardware, nylon rope, wooden frame, 38 x 46", 2017


Known Hand (composite)
digital jacquard tapestry in cotton and wool, metal hardware, wooden frame, 138 x 71", 2018

Shown at The Vestibule (at The Cathedral, Ballard) in Seattle, USA, 2020

These pieces were exhibited as part of Extra, a group exhibition held by The Vestibule.

From the curator Kascha Snavely, "In this show, the work is doing the absolute most for very good reasons. This work says, Form shouldn’t stop at function. Form should be extra. Material should be extra. The material itself has an agenda. Embroidery asks for more embroidery. Glitter asks for more glitter. The things themselves overtake us. The wall asks for wallpaper."

Artists: frameRate(0), Frankie Krupa Vahdani, Kelly Lyles, Michael Reece, Nathan Paul Rice, Ciciela Ross-Gotta, Phil Stoiber, Kelly Tivnan, Anne Marie Wald, Connor Walden, Allyce Wood, April Zhang

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all photos credit to Pete Fleming